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Where are all of my bad mommies? We are all going to see the movie any way, right?!? So - Why not see it at a private pre-screening of BAD MOMS 2 (two nights before it is out to the general public)?!? Bring something a little stronger to add to your soda & your girls because only women are allowed in this theatre and this is a BYOB event!!

$8 from each ticket purchased goes directly to Sunset 2 Sunrise!! You get a small popcorn and small soda included in the price of your ticket! We hope to see your bad self there!!

As of October 15th Tickets will go up to $25!


Seeking sponsors who want to see their business logo and info on the big screen!! your business will be featured prior to the previews on the movie screen, in the programs and in our website! Only $175!


Sunset 2 Sunrise provides recently divorced women with a makeover, photography session, a portrait, digital edited images,
support and funding for counseling.

By giving these women the resources to feel independent,
strong and new, we hope to inspire new beginnings.

Giving Divorced Women A Day That Makes Them Feel Independent, Strong & New

A divorce is considered a major life transition that has far-reaching social, pathological, legal, personal, and economic consequences.

Divorced women must either leave their home or stay in a home that is forever changed by divorce. Either way, all of their photographs and memories represent a family that is no longer intact, represent memories that often carry with them significant feelings of pain, and represent a self-image these women no longer recognize. While many recently divorced women joke about burning all of their photographs, being surrounded by such images, or bare walls in the case of a new home, can cause women to feel extremely isolated.   This launches them into periods of insecurity and depression.

However, the effects of divorce are largely ignored and resources to aid women post divorce are limited.

Studies have shown that in order for a woman to reclaim her self-esteem she can make small changes to her appearance and surroundings. She can cut and color her hair the way she wants, get rid of her bedroom set, and get rid of photos that cause feelings of negativity. Furthermore, she can rearrange the house, closet, and even herself, to suit herself. All of these actions can be extremely emotionally freeing for a woman. The idea behind these actions is choosing a path to finding yourself and being at peace with yourself.

It is our duty to empower these women and help them make a strong and healthy transition. Our motto is “Freedom In Every Photo”, which is what we strive to achieve for these women.

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