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Hello and Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for visiting the Donate Now page!

Whether you yourself have been affected by divorce, know someone who has, or simply support the cause we truly appreciate any amount of your generosity whether monetarily or by donating your talent and time as one of our “Rays of Sunshine”.

Each of the women selected by the organization to receive a Sunrise Session has gone through a divorce which has caused them great stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, or has otherwise negatively impacted their lives. Divorced women report significantly higher psychological distress levels than their male counterparts. Many women report feelings of isolation and depression. Statistics show that for a divorce to have more positive than negative effects on a woman, she must make the most of the chance to change her life for the better.

Your donation will help these women begin to change their lives for the better! Become a “Ray of Sunshine” – Donate Your Time and Talent! Each women will be provided with a Sunrise Session which includes a professional makeover of their makeup and hair, a photography session of the women and her children, if she so chooses, a portrait for her home and edited digital images. The professional makeover will be provided by individuals we call our “Rays of Sunshine”, professional hair stylists, and makeup artists who so generously and selflessly donate their time and talent to give the women a new look. The photography session will be done by a photographer who also donates their time and talent to providing these women with an empowering photo shoot and a few of their favorite edited images.

We are working on a page where you will be able to sign up to become a Ray of Sunshine, and which will list all of the benefits you will receive as a result of your generosity. In the meantime, please contact us at admin@sunset2sunrise.org if you are interested in helping!

What a monetary Donation will go towards: We will provide each woman with a portrait for her home. Your generosity will go towards developing and framing of the portrait. Most significantly, your generosity will go towards the funding necessary to provide the women with their first two professional counseling/therapy sessions. While the literature page of this website explains the possible therapeutic effects of a makeover and photo shoot, it is extremely important for the women to see a professional and obtain some counseling in order to work out their feelings and change their lives for the better.

Following divorce, many women lose their spouse’s health insurance and cannot afford to obtain health insurance on their own. In fact, even if she does have insurance, these days most psychologists and counselors do not take health insurance. Therefore, these women do not receive the professional help they require.

Finally, your monetary contribution, will allow us to provide education and support through a free, private, secure online community for divorced women, combined with educational and motivational retreats, events, speakers and programs to provide continual support for women divorcees who require such.

Any amount is truly & greatly appreciated!

If you are a business owner and wish to be recognized as a “Supporter” on our website please contact us at admin@sunset2sunrise.org for more information.