Photographer, psychologist and single mom of 3 amazing kids, Dalia has a passion for helping women through difficult life transitions in order to feel beautiful, successful, empowered. Born in Israel, Dalia and her Canadian family returned to Toronto and eventually made it to the United States. After many moves with her nomadic parents and brother, Dalia settled in New Jersey, however this may also be temporary. With a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a passion for photography, Dalia has managed to merge her 2 career passions into her vision….Story of Life…..whether through therapy or photography or both, Dalia will help you understand, develop and express your story. Dalia helps women realize their worth, find their meaning and discover ways to live emotionally happy and healthy lives. Dalia enjoys the spending time with her children outdoors, she also enjoys exploring her world locally and internationally, creating websites, crocheting and collecting gorgeous yarn, and reading books recommended by her 16 year old niece.