Our Mission

It is the mission, duty and purpose of Sunset 2 Sunrise, a NJ non-profit Corporation, to empower women recently affected by Divorce by providing them with emotional support, education and resources. Our mission will be accomplished in three (3) ways. The women will be provided with: 1) a Sunrise Session which includes a professional makeover of their makeup and hair, a photography session of the women and her children, if she so chooses, a portrait for her home and edited digital images, 2) Education and support through a free, private, secure online community for divorced women, combined with educational and motivational retreats, events and programs and 3) once funding is secured, the amount required for their initial counseling sessions.

Several studies have shown that divorced women report significantly higher psychological distress levels than their male counterparts. Many women report feelings of isolation and depression. Statistics show that for a divorce to have more positive than negative effects on a woman, she must make the most of the chance to change her life for the better. It is crucial for a recently divorced woman to increase income, determine where to live and make it a happy home, and maintain friends and supportive relationships.
It is our duty to empower these women and help them make a strong and healthy transition. Our motto is “Freedom In Every Photo”, which is what we strive to achieve for these women.