Our Story

Helen & Dalia go way back! Dalia came to Helen when she needed guidance and advice on how to get out of her marriage. Helen represents individuals during one of the most stressful and confusing times of their lives. She becomes far more than an attorney, she becomes a friend, confidant, and counselor for each of her clients. That is exactly what occurred when Helen began to represent Dalia in her own divorce proceeding. They quickly became friends and each other’s customers. In fact, Dalia has a photography business, Story of Life Photography, and Helen and her business partner had her take all of the photos of them for their law firm’s website. Her talent and vision are visible in every photo.

Helen was aware of the fact that when Dalia, herself a survivor of Divorce, moved out of her marital home she immediately placed new photographs of her and her children on the walls and around their new home. In fact, in each picture Dalia is holding the camera clicker as she took all of the photos herself. They joke it is her trademark. So, when Helen thought of the idea for a nonprofit that provides support for divorced women, specifically providing them with a make over, photography session, portraits for their home and digital images, among other aspects of support, she knew who she had to ask to be her vice president and partner. Moreover, Dalia brought other impressive assets to the table as she is a licensed psychologist and business owner providing her patients with therapy and insight. Lastly, Helen knew she was picking the best person to make the nonprofit a success because Dalia is always helping others. She teaches and mentors students, visits patients at nursing homes, works with individuals with dementia, and is filled with so much warmth and love.

The two of them are committed to providing support for women affected by divorce and hope to be the first step on their journey post divorce. They have put together a fantastic team: Marni Gold as their Social Director and Secretary and Allison Mentzel as CFO and treasurer. All four ladies are on a mission together to empower as many women as possible struggling with life during and post-divorce.

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